Composer Bruce Lazarus

Composer Bruce Lazarus

Composer Bruce Lazarus

New York City composer Bruce Lazarus characterizes his music as “diverse, concise, architectural, contemporary, and in turn meditative, energetic, humorous, moody, and exuberant.” Published here at Swirly Music are his works for

solo piano:
Five Explorations of the Messier Catalogue of Star Clusters and Nebulae

chamber ensemble:
Starry Messenger for brass quintet
Far Corners for flute solo

collections of songs for male or female voice with piano:
A Lewis Carroll Songbook
Going to the Dogs

single songs for voice with piano:
Beautiful Soup
The Mad Gardener’s Song

Our World – for Adult or High School chorus
Chanukah Candle Blessing
Snowflakes (a capella)
High Clouds, Low Clouds – for Adult or Middle/High School Chorus

science education songs for children’s chorus (treble voices with piano):
ROY G BIV: The Colors of the Rainbow
The Sun and the Moon

Jewish choral songs in Hebrew and English:
Chanukah Candle Blessing (SATB and piano)
They Shall Not Hurt, by Arthur Lazarus (tenor solo with men’s chorus and piano)

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Choral Music

Chamber Music

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