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Dozens of career composers choose to make Swirly Music home for the distribution and sale of our music.
We are an eclectic, engaging and growing bunch; get to know us!

  • Lydia Jane Pugh
  • John Bayley
  • Mark Growden
  • R.A. Moulds
  • Bruce Rockwell
  • Bear McCreary
  • Liam Wade
  • Ross C. Bernhardt
  • Madelyn Byrne
  • Andrew Rudin
  • David Fawcett
  • Mikhail Johnson
  • Julius P. Williams
  • Patrick O'Shea
  • Caroline Mallonée
  • Alessandro Cesaro
  • Paul Cantelon
  • Mark D. Templeton
  • Alberto Roque Santana
  • Elliott Miles McKinley
  • Michael Kaulkin
  • Alexis Renee Ford
  • Clark Suprynowicz
  • Gordon Thornett
  • David Post
  • Matthew Whiteside
  • Daniel Wood
  • Andrew March
  • Alan Riley Jones
  • William Campbell
  • Kurt Erickson
  • Anthony Doherty
  • Rich Campbell
  • Sanford Dole
  • Bruce Lazarus
  • Richard Dudas
  • Steve Kozminski
  • Glenn Hardy
  • Jeffrey Bernstein
  • Joseph Hasper
  • Michal Dawson Connor
  • Ethan McGrath
  • Kurt Kuenne
  • Dale Ramsey

Random Titles from Our Catalogue

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