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BLS-009a-2 Mad Gardner Song – Female
Catalogue #:BLS-009a-2
Composer The Mad Gardener's Song (female voice)
Bruce Lazarus

The Mad Gardener’s Song (female voice)

female voice and piano

Lewis Carroll’s Mad Gardener, often mistaken for a nonsense poem, is actually a series of humorous metaphors relating to the minor disappointments and hassles of everyday life, a list of complaints still relevant now in the 21st century. While the protagonist attempts to peacefully cultivate his garden, e.g. live his life, his relatives overstay their welcome in his home, bank loan repayments are deleting his savings, and his future is an incomprehensible mystery – as it is to many of us.

A Lewis Carroll Songbook, Bruce Lazarus’ collection of eleven songs on poems from “Alice in Wonderland,” “Through the Looking Glass,” “The Hunting of the Snark,” and “Sylvie and Bruno” is also available here at Swirly Music.