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AFD-011 Gorgeous Blue Eyes
Catalogue #:AFD-011
Duration:Approx. 3' 45"
Composer Gorgeous Blue Eyes
Alexis Renee Ford

Gorgeous Blue Eyes

for SSAATTBB Chorus, a cappella

Gorgeous Blue Eyes comes from a larger set entitled the Four Wedding Songs which was dedicated as a wedding gift to Stephen and Stacey Squier on the eve of their wedding on July 29th, 2010. The four movements of the work were inspired by the tradition to give a bride “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” with each movement in the piece representing these.

Finding the text for the final “something blue” movement was the most challenging seeing as the color blue is not typically associated with marriage or love. When I ran across this poem by South African poet, Tinka Boukes, I knew I had found the text for my final movement.

The piece opens with short, warm phrases as it layers the various harmonies and textures introduced before the first true climax. As the climax begins to relax, the music falls into the polyphonic textures of the second section. The musical ideas of this final movement attempt to capture everything from the nerves, to the excitement, to the rush and the emotion of those last few moments before the bride takes her first steps down the aisle. Just as the bride’s mind may be consumed by a million different feelings and emotions, the music of the ‘dancing’ section unfolds; any distinguishable melody is passed from voice part to voice part and the ear never quite decides who at that moment is taking charge. The tension builds with each step until the bride finally sees the eyes of her future husband at the end of the aisle. With her gaze fixed, the music broadens and resolves into the piece’s final cadence, finally reaching its end as the bride arrives at the altar and can think of nothing but those eyes.


I crave to embrace you
To feel you, your voice
A gentle breeze in my ear
A smile lights up my face
As I look at you
Into those gorgeous blue eyes
Full of life
Full of love
No thoughts make me happier
Than dancing in the sand with you
As shades of purple sunset fades away
Connected to all that is you
Elegant and graceful Time forgotten
The shadow of a smile remains
The sun trying to take another peek
Gazing through the windows of my soul
As I take another look
Deep into those gorgeous blue eyes


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