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Catalogue #:BLS-008a
Composer ROY G BIV (Science Education Song for Grades 3-6)
Bruce Lazarus

ROY G BIV (Science Education Song for Grades 3-6)

children's chorus (treble voices) and piano

ROY G BIV: The Colors of The Rainbow, for unison children’s chorus (grades 2-8) and piano is an easy, fun, upbeat, and educational song about the visible part of the spectrum. The title stands for “red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet”; the conventional mnemonic for the colors of the rainbow.

Newton found white light splits up when shining through a prism,
And seven colors form the spectrum’s base chromaticism.
The colors can be re-combined by sending them back through,
But try to do the same with paint…you’ll need some optimism.

Roy G Biv White light is bent transformative.
Roy G Biv The colors are consecutive.
Roy G Biv It’s time to be informative:
Red and orange yellow green blue indigo and violet.

Roy G Biv The colors of the spectrum
Roy G Biv An acronym that’s rather dumb
Roy G Biv Still it helps remember some:
Red and orange yellow green blue indigo and violet.

Spectroscopes are used to study light from outer space.
Rainbows may be Roy G Biv’s most lovely bands of grace.
We see spectrums all the time in fountains and lawn sprinklers,
But R-O-Y-G-B-I-V is never commonplace.


Some say rainbows end in pots of gold.
True that they’re a wonder to behold.
But common sense says there’s a major hitch:
Would that it were true we’d all be rich!


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