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EMH-011 Sing-on-there-in-the-swamp
Catalogue #:EMH-011
Duration:Approx. 1'50"
Composer Sing on there in the swamp
Ethan McGrath

Sing on there in the swamp

For high voice and piano

The text comes from Whitman’s “When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d,” a lengthy elegy in memory of Abraham Lincoln. My choral setting of another part of this poem has been my most popular work to date. I composed “Sing on there in the swamp” just a few months later and it is in a very similar style and mood. The poem is imbued with a bittersweetness that I have tried to reflect in the music. The beautiful things about spring—the lilacs, the singing of the birds, the “lustrous” western star—perennially remind the speaker of the “departing comrade.”