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ACO-002 Sonata for Piano

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Catalogue #:ACO-002
Duration:approx. 7'30'' - 8'
Composer Sonata
Alessandro Cesaro


for piano

This Sonata is written as a single movement divided into sections.

An introductory Andantino directly leads into a Presto which contains the main theme and the transition to a more quiet secondary theme (Allegro moderato). After the development, the recapitulation is shortened: it contains a summary of the Introduction and it omits the main theme. Since the work lacks a clear tonality, the transition and the secondary theme are identically repeated.

In order to allow the interpreter as much freedom as possible to express the music as he feels, I chose not to include metronome marks. Pedal is completely marked only in those places where particular effects are required. The use of “una corda” is left to the interpreter’s taste.