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Add your self-published music to our growing catalogue.

You are invited to add your self-published music to our catalogue – even if you are also selling your music via your own website and/or other online venues. This is a non-exclusive arrangement. You may also list pieces here that are published, providing an external link to whatever distributor or publisher you wish. Swirly Music is a store – not a publisher. There is no copyright transfer involved, and no fee required to participate, and all styles are welcome, as long as the work is of a professional caliber. (More about that below.)

The Benefits

  • Swirly Music provides a turnkey solution for payment and fulfillment, saving you the time and energy involved with managing that yourself.
  • Orders for your music are printed on demand and fulfilled by the printer. Composers have the option to make pieces available for download as well.
  • Full transparency – no mystery: Composers are notified of new orders in real time, including the identity and contact info of the buyer. No need to wait around for quarterly or annual reports.
  • Swirly Music aims to be the most browsing-friendly music store online, with numerous opportunities to give your music exposure in a variety of contexts. The goal is for your music to be easier to find by accident here than anywhere else.
  • In the past, Swirly Music has maintained booths and displays at ACDA and Chorus America conferences and will continue to promote the store with these and similar organizations and on social media and by other means.

The Financial Arrangement

Swirly Music operates as a de facto non-profit, with an eye toward the possibility of formal incorporation in the future. Any revenue that exceeds operating expenses is used for the benefit of participating composers.

Option 2 below is offered in the hope of building a spirit of collaboration and pooling of resources, while Option 1 is more of a standard arrangement similar to that offered by other venues. Composers are invited to choose whichever option best suits their personal interests.

Quality Assurance

Swirly Music carries music by professional composers who are actively pursuing performance opportunities and generating a demand for their work.

Prior to inclusion in our store, composer materials are subject to light review for quality assurance purposes. All styles are welcome, and your score will not be scrutinized for aesthetics, taste, or “market-worthiness.” However, in order for Swirly Music to serve as a high-value and user-friendly destination for musicians seeking new repertoire, a certain level of competence, experience, and professionalism needs to be preserved. Factors include the quality of the engraving as well as covers, front matter, and your general self-promotion materials.

With that in mind, you will be asked to share up to 3 sample scores, including any covers and front matter if they exist.  (But don’t worry for now if you have not thought about covers.)  If your work does not meet our quality standards as far as presentation, we may advise you as to what needs to be fixed before it can be included in the Swirly Music store.  We also provide editorial services and will provide an estimate for that upon request.

Start Here

You may have questions, concerns or reservations about pursuing a presence on Swirly Music as distribution platform for your music.  Please feel free to get in touch so we can address your individual situation and help you decide.  Write to [email protected] with any preliminary questions.

To get started, after choosing 1-3 sample scores to include, please complete the brief inquiry form ↓. We will respond right away with information about the next steps. Many thanks for considering Swirly Music!

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