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RAM-94 Printemps

Thumb Through the Score!

Catalogue #:RAM-94
Duration:approx 7'
Composer Printemps
R.A. Moulds


Piano Solo

These small doodles, or ‘paper improvisations,’ if you will, began as just that—scribbles that went down in one sitting, without the usual planning devoted to so much of my preceding music for solo piano. As such, they probably sound much different from the Aquarelles or even the more ‘open’ Piano Set, and the player may note some features that are a bit deliberately quirky and experimental—at least for somewhat conservative me. This is not a set, but the pieces may be played together if desired. They are dedicated to my friend and supporter, Johan de Cock. The otherwise uinexplainable title was inspired by an early set of miniatures by Darius Milhaud.