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WCL-008 New Moon

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Catalogue #:WCL-008
Composer New Moon
William Campbell

New Moon

for solo piano

Fun, light, and energetic, this music evokes a lively folk dance, like a jig or gigue. While it is definitely a contemporary piece, it does keep some of the characteristics one would expect from this kind of Baroque Suite movement. The middle section contains some counterpoint of the new melody, and toward the conclusion I do include some devices common to the endings of J.S. Bach’s keyboard music. The overall approach to playing this music should be with a light touch, moving deftly through the written-out ornamentation. The pedal should be used to help the phrases build, but not enough to obscure any harmonic changes. Have fun with it, and imagine you are accompanying a party full of optimistic dancers.

New Moon is one of 11 tracks recorded by myself on the 2011 CD, “Piano Songs,” available on CDBaby, Amazon and iTunes.

LEVEL: Intermediate
DURATION: 4:30 minutes