Score Preparation and Covers

The expectation is that you will provide your scores in a complete, print-ready state, including a cover and any front matter. If you have not thought about covers, Swirly Music can assist you with this at additional costs. You are of course free to do this on your own or hire someone local to help with this.

If you would like to use our generic Swirly Music cover and front matter design, we can provide templates in Word or Apple Pages format at no charge.  (view example) If you would like us to create these for you, or custom design them, the table below shows how pricing for that works.

If you are doing your own covers or using our template, please read this thorough overview of what it should include and how to go about it for the best results.

Generic Swirly Covers

à la Carte


An economical choice if you just need a few covers and don’t have time to fuss with our template.

Generic Swirly Covers

Bulk Discount

$20/5 covers

If you have a lot of titles and no time to fuss with our template, this will take the edge off, we hope.

Custom Cover Design

Your Own Brand

Please inquire

If you want custom covers designed and don’t know how to proceed with that, we will get it done for you.