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RAM-92 La Recoleta- Milonga Fantasiosa
Catalogue #:RAM-92
Duration:approx. 4'30"
Composer La Recoleta: Milonga Fantasiosa
R.A. Moulds

La Recoleta: Milonga Fantasiosa

for solo piano

The fifth in the series Leyendas Místicas (Mystic Legends), this moody little tango-milonga fantasy was commissioned by the talented Brighton pianist, Johan de Cock, to be premiered at the 2016 Brighton Fringe Festival. The title refers to one of the most picturesque and moving places in Buenos Aires, the ‘City of the Dead,’ Cementario de la Recoleta. The piece, in accordance with its fantastical nature, does not follow strict dance forms or rhythms, and performers are encouraged to use their imaginations freely.