Score Videos for Composers

Custom Perusal Score Videos

A New Service from Swirly Music

Score Videos for Composers

As a new service in support of self-publishing composers, Swirly Music is now offering score videos to help promote your work.  This is available to all composers, whether affiliated with Swirly Music or not.

Video is by far the most user-friendly and efficient way to share your music, especially to prospective performers. Provide us with your score and an audio file of either a live performance or a MIDI playback, and we’ll create an elegant, professional-looking video for you.


Solo Instrument and Piano
Short Choral Work
String Quartet

Ideal for

  • Choral works − a cappella or accompanied
  • Small chamber works – trios, quartets, etc.
  • Solo instrument/voice and piano works

(Orchestral scores are problematic and would be priced differently, but please inquire!)

Your Video Will Include

  • A title card with wording specified by you (optional)
  • A background image (optional)
  • A system-by-system view of your score, synchronized with the recording
  • No Swirly Music branding (unless desired)

You Provide

  • Your score in PDF format
  • Audio file in MP3 or any other compressed format
  • Any details you’d like to include on the title card
  • Any suggestions for a background picture, (if you like that idea)


  • $99 for up to 100 measures
  • $1.00/measure for more than 100 measures
  • Special requirements or requests may be more involved. Please inquire for an estimate.

How To Get Started

  • Make payment via “Add to Cart” below.*
  • Email your pdf, audio file and questions/instructions
  • Expect attentive back-and-forth and a fun collaboration on creating your video!

* For larger works (more than 100 measures), this is a down payment, with the balance due upon completion.


Just shoot an email to [email protected] with your questions and we will answer promptly.