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DRY-024 Conversations

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Catalogue #:DRY-024
Duration:approx. 15'
Composer Conversations: Seven Character Pieces for Organ
Dale E. Ramsey

Conversations: Seven Character Pieces for Organ


This group of “character” pieces are not profound, intellectual, historic, serious or sacred. Rather, they are light-hearted, brief, clever perhaps, even cheerful secular works. Still, they are written in a modern style and are pieces that informed music lovers should find entertaining. The titles suggest various “conversations” one might have with others: A Pronouncement, A Question, Whispers, Quiet Talk, Chatting with Granny, Persuasion, and Tête-à-tête. As a set they call upon a wide variety of colors and dynamic levels of a modern pipe organ, including the quietest sounds up through the thundering of the full organ. This perhaps makes them useful in a recital–especially a dedication program for a new organ. The pieces are also useful as an introduction of the organ to children, perhaps 5th or 6th graders, and perhaps even more mature folks who are less familiar with the instrument.