In A Winter Landscape

for Standard or Bass Flute and Computer-Generated Track

Commissioned by Peter Sheridan in 2011, In A Winter Landscape is an introspective composition intended to convey an austere winter landscape after a powerful storm. The storm, having cleared out the old growth, has made room for new life. It is inspired by the work of Arvo Pärt and John Cage.

Recent performances include the 2014 National SCI Conference (March, 2014 — Jacqueline Brandt), Electronic Music Midwest (October 2013, Rebecca Ashe), Symphony Space in New York City (June 2013 – Ellen Weller) and the Australasian Computer Music Conference (July 2012 — Peter Sheridan). This piece has also been broadcast several times on Australian radio.

The piece can be heard on flutist Peter Sheridan’s CD Monologues and Dialogues, which is available from iTunes, Amazon and other venues.

Madelyn Byrne Monologues and Dialogues CD cover

Madelyn Byrne’s In a Winter Landscape provides a full and atmospherically resonant opening, with a bass flute creating lyrical lines over some highly attractive electronic sounds which work in sympathy with the soloist, making it sound as if the performer is in a vast space, “an austere winter landscape after a powerful storm.”

 — MusicWebs International review


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