Melodia – 11 Compositions for Melodic Jaw Harp

Mark Growden: Melodia

This collection of compositions is for the open/closed glottis, second-formant, melodic technique of jaw harp playing, as can be found in the traditional musics of Norway, Kyrgyzstan, Sicily, Estonia, and Rajasthan.

In Russian and English. включает в себя перевод на русский язык.

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    Variations for Solo Violin was written in 1988 for violinist/violist Christian Colberg, who premiered the work on recitals in Baltimore, Maryland and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The variations are composed not as a set of classical thematic variations, but rather studies in different moods linked to the harmonic underpinning of the opening theme, and infused […]
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    Richard Dudas’ Variations for Clarinet Solo is an 8-minute solo work with a bravura finale. Although it is intended for performance on a clarinet in A, it may also be played on B-flat instruments. Program Note Variations for Clarinet Solo was written at the request of clarinetist Susanna Warren who premiered the composition in the […]
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    Richard Dudas’ Sonata For Clarinet and Piano is a substantial 3-movement work written for clarinet and piano on equal footing. It is included on the U.K. label Clarinet Classics release “TIME PIECES: 60 Years of American Music” featuring clarinetist Peter Furniss and pianist David Leiher-Jones. Program Note Sonata for Clarinet and Piano is dedicated to […]
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    for Violoncello and Piano
    Inspired by Debussy’s Sonata for ‘Cello, the movement titles suggest a scenario in which the two players interact somewhat like actors in a series of scenes. In “Proclamation” the piano clearly opposes the ideas put forward by the cello. the “attaca” 2nd movt., “Repartee” finds them backing off their confrontation, and exchanging somewhat barbed witicisms […]
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    for flute and computer
    Program Note Prelude No.1 for Flute and Computer is the first in a series of short interactive pieces for solo wind instrument with live computer processing as an accompaniment. The piece was written for friends Dmitri Tymoczko and Elizabeth Camp, as a musical gift for their wedding. Since Dmitri, also a composer, had been formulating […]
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    for Solo Guitar
    Quirky solo guitar piece for my good friend Nicholas Schuller. Having spent my mid-twenties hanging around guitarists studying at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, I became quickly enamored with this uniquely intimate and expressive instrument. The work was truly a labor of love, and recreates something of the time and memories I have from […]
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    for cello and piano
    Green Fire Variations, for cello and piano, is music about the energy within wild things.  The title uses words borrowed from writer and conservationist Aldo Leopold: We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes. I realized then, and have known ever since, that there was something […]
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    for flute alone
    A showpiece for the solo flutist, Far Corners is a set of five variations which explore unexpectedly interesting aspects of the opening musical idea. To this end I exploited harmonics, quick changes of register, and my own quirky sense of humor. Several listeners have mentioned that the second variation tricked them into thinking there were really two […]
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    appetizers for unaccompanied violin
    These “tasty snacks” grew out of a period of daily sketching. Any one of them or a grouping of several might be played as encores. These eight were chosen and arranged in this order from a group of 12 or 13 originally. They are dedicated to violinist Diane Monroe, who had given the premier of […]
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    for clarinet and piano
    Michael Kaulkin’s American Standard, for clarinet and piano, has been performed numerous times around the world since it was composed in 1993. It is included on the U.K. label Clarinet Classics release “TIME PIECES: 60 Years of American Music” featuring clarinetist Peter Furniss and pianist David Leiher-Jones. Program Note Originally written for Peter Furniss and […]
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