POA-019 Three Newfoundland Folksongs
Catalogue #:POA-019
Duration:11' 45"
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Composer Three Newfoundland Folksongs (Download - Complete Set)
Patrick O'Shea

Three Newfoundland Folksongs (Download – Complete Set)

for SATB choir and piano

O’Shea’s Three Newfoundland Folksongs are an effective concert set of songs, both old and new, from Canada’s easternmost province.  Tied to the sea for their livelihood for generations, Newfoundlanders have a reputation for toughness and a great love of life.

The set begins with an arrangement of Jim Payne’s “Wave Over Wave,” a relatively new song in the Newfoundland repertoire, that describes the allure of the sea, and the loneliness that the life of the sailor can bring.

She’s Like The Swallow” is a longtime favorite song of a young woman betrayed by her false lover.

Finally, the rollicking “We’ll Rant And We’ll Roar” (also known as “The Ryans and the Pittmans”) is full of energy and bravado.  Any one of the songs can be performed alone, but they are very much enjoyed by audiences as a set.

Click the links above to view the score and listen to each song.

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