Catalogue #:MTN-028a
Composer Schloof, Bobbeli, Schloof (Sleep, Baby, Sleep) - Download License
Mark D. Templeton

Schloof, Bobbeli, Schloof (Sleep, Baby, Sleep) – Download License

for SATB chorus, a cappella

Schloof, Bobbeli, Schloof is a folk song of the people commonly referred to as the Pennsylvania Dutch. These people were Germans who migrated to America during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They brought with them their culture and religions, but most importantly, their music and cooking! The Pennsylvania Dutch language is still spoken by the Amish, the religious sect mostly known for their horses and buggies and their eighteenth century way of life. Schloof, Bobbeli, Schloof’s etymology is found in the German lullaby, Schlaf, Kindlein, Schlaf, but the Pennsylvania Dutch version has taken on a life of its own reflecting the lives of the Amish who still sing it. The melody can differ slightly from community to community; the one used in this arrangement hails from the Amish communities in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The English translation, written underneath the Pennsylvania Dutch, is more poetic than literal but retains the same sentiment. The song can be sung in Pennsylvania Dutch or English. It is also optional to perform the song in one language and then repeat the song in the other language. This arrangement uses a slow tempo and simple harmonies while retaining the integrity of the original melody. Your choir will enjoy singing this rare gem.


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