Kāng Dìng Qíng Gē

for mixed chorus, a cappella

Kāng Dìng Qíng Gē (Kang Ding Love Song), also known as Pǎo Mǎ Liū Liū De Shān Shàng (On the Running Horse Mountain), is a Han folk song from the Sichuan Province. This choral arrangement uses swift, accented, and syncopated rhythms while also employing an abundance of parallel fourths and fifths. The vocal ranges are conservative and the choral parts are repetitious making this an easily accessible song. Enjoy singing this as a set with Tián Mì Mì and Ālĭ Shān Zhī Gē. A thorough IPA pronunciation guide is also included.

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Instrumentation:A Cappella
Descriptive Tags:Chinese, Folksong, Traditional
Sacred or Secular:Secular
Duration:1-5 Minutes


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