Come Unto Me

for soprano solo, and mixed chorus a cappella

Come Unto Me, for SSAATTBB and Soprano solo, was written for famed soprano of choral, oratorio, and opera repertoire, Jessica Beebe. The solo tessitura is quite high and should be sung with minimal vibrato. While this is written for eight choral parts, the ranges are conservative and move mostly by steps making this an accessible work. The choral parts glide in and out of the texture while accompanying the ethereal melody of the solo. Your choir will enjoy singing this for a religious service or for a concert featuring an accomplished soprano.

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Sacred or Secular:Sacred
Season or Event:Compline, Evensong, Funeral, General, Memorial/Funeral
Descriptive Tags:Christian, Liturgical text, Scriptural text, Worship
Instrumentation:A Cappella
Duration:5-10 Minutes


For both options, there is a minimum required quantity of 8 copies for choral titles. Please support self-publishing composers by ordering the quantity according to the number of singers in the ensemble that will perform the work.

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