for SA(T)B choir, piano, and optional Flute

The original Gaudete was published in 1582 in a collection of 74 songs called the Piæ Cantiones ecclesiasticæ et scholasticæ veterum episcoporum, translated as “Devout ecclesiastical and scholastic songs of the old bishops.” Theodoricus Petri, a Finnish student at the university in Rostock, compiled the book of medieval songs from Finland, Sweden, and several other European countries. The book quickly became popular throughout Scandinavia and central Europe.

This arrangement incorporates the same rhythmic vitality of the original. The harmonies are similar to the original, and the driving pulse of the piano along with the distinct and spirited flute part makes this arrangement fun for any choir.

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Descriptive Tags:Angels, Animals, Baby, Carol, Chant, Renaissance, Traditional, Worship
Instrumentation:Brass, Flute, Organ, Piano, String Quartet
Sacred or Secular:Sacred
Season or Event:Christmas, Compline, General, Mass, Winter
Duration:1-5 Minutes


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