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SWM-012 Michael Kaulkin Tumbalalayka
Catalogue #:SWM-013
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Composer Tumbalalayka
Michael Kaulkin


for mixed chorus a cappella

Tumbalalayka is one of the most performed and beloved Yiddish folksongs. This choral setting employs the use of instrument-like sounds imitating the strumming of the balalayka, a Russian folk instrument similar to a guitar, and contrasts the upbeat “Tumbalalayka” refrain with dark harmonic colors and occasional smooth polyphonic textures.

Endorsed by Project Encore

This Tumbalalayka arrangement has been performed in the US, Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Romania and other countries around the world. It is included on French vocal quartet Quatour Aesthesis’ 2022 CD O Do Not Move.

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