Catalogue #:KEM-1044
Composer We Three Kings (Download License)
Alan Riley Jones

We Three Kings (Download License)

Nearly every December, Christmas sneaks up on me far too quickly, busy as I am with end-of-semester grading and final exams. I’m an admittedly nostalgic guy who unabashedly loves Christmas music, and every year I think to myself ‘I really should have written a Christmas piece this year’. Christmas 2015 followed a similar pattern, except for the fact that I received a much needed break from academic life in the form of a sabbatical during the 2016 spring semester. Suddenly finding myself with the freedom to explore and compose, I opened up a Christmas music book and spent nearly the entire month of February improvising on Holiday music.

This arrangement of We Three Kings was a joy to write and flowed effortlessly onto paper. Using only the original lyrics, my setting creates an expectant mood that underscores the solitary plight of this mystical trio as they journey across the desert to welcome the birth of Christ.


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