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GTT-002 Gordon Thornett Gather Ye Rosebuds SAA choir

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Catalogue #:GTT-002a
Composer Gather Ye Rosebuds (Download Licence)
Gordon Thornett

Gather Ye Rosebuds (Download Licence)

Women's Choir (SSA)

This short SSA piece was written for the University of Michigan Women””s Glee Club.   It is an unaccompanied 3-part setting of the poem by the English poet, Robert Herrick.   Jaclyn Johnson, Interim Director of the Glee Club said,  “This is a WONDERFUL piece! I love that you have composed in an older polyphonic style to match the poetry.”  

It is my intention to   set a couple more of Herrick””s verses for similar forces to complement ””Gather Ye Rosebuds””.

The recording was made in November 3013 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.



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