Catalogue #:CME-012-download
Composer Light Through Windows (Download License)
Alan Riley Jones

Light Through Windows (Download License)

for SATB choir

Light Through Windows was written in 2016. Meant to evoke the wonder one feels when a darkened window reveals its glory, the a cappella choral piece draws a parallel between a stained-glass window and an illuminated manuscript. The piece was recently recorded by Vox16, conducted by Markdavin Obenza.
Hushed, grey, a tall cathedral,
washed in faint morning light.
Day breaks through darkened windows,
brushing away the night.
Light through windows
Light through stained-glass windows
Tales cast and retold in shades of scarlet
Silver, sky-blue, sea-green, sage
Sun-dappled rose, russet and gold
Revelation in the nave
Light through windows
Light through stained-glass windows
On a lectern lie scores of sacred music
Neumes, breves, calligraphy
Rimmed in red, glistening with gold,
Recitation on the page
Gold on parchment
Gold on ecru parchment
Light floods the floor as
Sunbeams stream in,
Cascading ’cross stone walls,
Arches, apse and pillars glow
Lux Aeterna
O Light through windows
Silver, sky-blue, sea-green, sage
Light through stained-glass windows
Like a manuscript gilded,
the church is resplendent.
Stories and windows illumined.
—Caroline Mallonee


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