The Moon and the Sun (Science Education Song for Grades 3-6)

children’s chorus (treble voices) and piano

The Sun and the Moon is a short, fun, tango-ish, and scientifically accurate choral song for children’s chorus (grades 2-8) with music by Bruce Lazarus and lyrics by Bobbi Katz, noted poet of children’s educational verse. The chorus is divided into two groups representing “Sun” and “Moon” and sing apt descriptions of each. Written for two-part treble voices; boys can sing an octave lower if needed.

I am the Sun
I make the day
Earth turns toward me
night fades a-way.

I am the Moon
and since my birth
my orbit takes me
around the Earth.

I’m quite dif-f’rnt than you are
I’m heat and light
I am a star!

I am cold and dark
I’m only bright
when I reflect your distant light

I am the Sun (You are the Sun)
I light the day (You light the day)
Earth turns toward me
Night fades a-way.

I am the Moon (You are the moon)
I charm the night (You charm the night)

Moon and the Sun
The dark and bright.

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