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BKR-011 Water-My-Azaleas
Catalogue #:BKR-011
Duration:Each round 1′30″ to 2′ (in performance)
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Composer Water My Azaleas
Brian Kogler

Water My Azaleas

12 Frivolous rounds for mixed voices

Most rounds in popular collections are either sober or light-hearted. Where are the truly chucklesome examples? They do exist, of course: one thinks of classics such as “Thy Jolly Red Nose” or “The Old Man from Calcutta”; even, perhaps, of the bawdy catches of Henry Purcell and John Blow. But they are rarely found between the same covers. These twelve original rounds will amuse and challenge all types of vocal ensemble. Should the range of any round seem daunting, turn to the final page for an account of “partnered voices”.

Over 100 of Brian Kogler’s rounds are now accessible on YouTube. Scores are available for free on request. Please contact: bkogler [at] bigpond [dot] com