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BKR-006 Rounds-for-Squares_score
Catalogue #:BKR-006
Duration:Each round 1′30″ to 2′ (in performance)
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Composer Rounds for Squares
Brian Kogler

Rounds for Squares

12 performance rounds for incurable fuddy-duddies

Are you a square? Can you easily retrieve a gas bill from 1979? Do you pine for the return of spats? Do you chew each mouthful forty times while letting the bottle “breathe”? And when you watch TV, do you recoil from all murders except those committed on the village green? If so, these rounds are for you: they will loosen you up in all the right places. Squares aside, they may of course be sung by mixed groups of all ages. Should the range of any round seem daunting, turn to the final page for an explanation of “partnered voices”.

Over 100 of Brian Kogler’s rounds are now accessible on YouTube. Scores are available for free on request. Please contact: bkogler [at] bigpond [dot] com