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SWM-106 dudas-fantasia-on-kims-elegy
Catalogue #:SWM-106
Duration:Approx. 6'00"
Composer Fantasia on Lyun Joon Kim’s Elegy
... a wonderful melodic work

— Kaelah Caldwell, UI Music Rising

Richard Dudas

Fantasia on Lyun Joon Kim’s Elegy

for alto saxophone and piano

Designed as a lyrical showpiece to spotlight the elegance of the saxophone’s altissimo register, Fantasia on Lyun Joon Kim’s Elegy was composed in 2009 for the 70th anniversary of Hanyang University, of which Lyun Joon Kim was the founder. Also a poet and composer, Lyun Joon Kim wrote many Korean art songs, from which the Elegy is one of the more widely-known in Korea. This rhapsodic fantasia on Kim’s melody also exists in a version for alto saxophone and orchestra, which was premièred in 2009 by saxophonist Sam-Jong Shim with the Hanyang University Symphony Orchestra. This version, for alto saxophone and piano, was created in 2011 at the request of saxophonist Kenneth Tse.

A version for clarinet and piano is also available from Swirly Music.