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DRY-019 Dale Ramsey Picardy for Organ and Violin

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Catalogue #:DRY-019
Composer Picardy
Dale E. Ramsey


Violin and Organ

“Picardy” is a French province where this beautiful 17th century melody originates. It is popularly associated with the hymn “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” which originates from first century Jerusalem. This setting, in keeping with its roots, is gentle and reflective. The violin is the perfect instrument to express its sensitivity and beauty. The organ accompaniment borrows from Renaissance period music, utilizing open fifths and very simple melodic figures, giving the first and last sections an almost Medieval feel. The middle, more active section is a variation of the tune that builds to a peak and then retreats, returning to initial material. It ends quietly, as it had begun.