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DPT-003 Divertimento for Oboe Clarinet and Bassoon
Catalogue #:DPT-003
Instruments:, ,
Duration:approx. 11'-12'
Composer Divertimento
David Post


Oboe, Clarinet in B♭ and Bassoon

I wrote the Divertimento for oboe, clarinet and bassoon in 1995 as an entry in the New England Reed Trio annual composition competition. I had admired the playing of this group and their promotion of wonderful, if rarely heard repertoire of this combination, much of it French. The prospect of writing for reed trio seemed like a challenge–and a great deal of fun!

To my pleasant surprise, the piece took First Price that year and was premiered by the New England Reed Trio in Boston, in November 1996.

Light in character, the piece is in three brief connected movements, played without pause. It was recorded commercially by the Moravian Chamber Players for the MMC label.