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DRY-028 Four-Folk-Hymn-Preludes Score

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Duration:approx. 17'
Composer Four Folk Hymn Preludes
Dale E. Ramsey

Four Folk Hymn Preludes

Violin and Organ

These pieces for violin and organ are based on folk melodies that are commonly used in contemporary hymnbooks. As such, they are individually useful for worship services. As a group they work quite well for recitals or study purposes. Protestant congregations will most likely be familiar with some of the melodies — some perhaps even all four. Liturgical churches will certainly know “Picardy”, and may have experienced one or more of the other melodies. (Picardy is also available here as a single publication: DRY-019.) Even if listeners are not familiar with the melodies, they are very charming, enjoyable and immediately accessible tunes, and their settings are varied and practical for the performers.