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BLS-003 Bruce Lazarus Starry Messenger for Brass Quintet
Catalogue #:BLS-005
Instruments:, , , , ,
Duration:approx. 8'
Composer Starry Messenger
Bruce Lazarus

Starry Messenger

Fanfare for Brass Quintet

Starry Messenger, an eight-minute showcase for brass quintet (two trumpets in B♭, french horn, trombone, and bass trombone or tuba) was inspired by the title of Galileo Galilei’s first book of astronomical observations, The Starry Messenger (Sidereus Nuncius, 1610), and its most frequently quoted passage:

“I have seen stars in myriads, which have never been seen before, and which surpass the old, previously known, stars in number more than ten times…”

Starry Messenger was composed in 1981, then re-examined and comprehensively revised in 2003 and 2014.