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ARN-002 Andrew Rudin Sonata for Cello
Catalogue #:ARN-002
Duration:approx. 14'
Composer Sonata for Cello (2010)
Andrew Rudin

Sonata for Cello (2010)

for Violoncello and Piano

Inspired by Debussy’s Sonata for ‘Cello, the movement titles suggest a scenario in which the two players interact somewhat like actors in a series of scenes. In “Proclamation” the piano clearly opposes the ideas put forward by the cello. the “attaca” 2nd movt., “Repartee” finds them backing off their confrontation, and exchanging somewhat barbed witicisms and trivialities. “Discourse” finds the cello brooding over the situation before going full-out with the piano, neither hearing clearly the others’ viewpoint. However, by sheer persistence and eloquence the cello seems to have exhausted the piano’s opposing views in the final “Consolation”