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The melody of the very popular and much-loved hymn to the Theotokos (Mother of God; the Virgin Mary) is here explored in varied textures and rhythms.
for Violin and Organ
“Picardy” is a French province where this beautiful 17th century melody originates. It is popularly associated with the hymn “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” which originates from first century Jerusalem. This setting, in keeping with its roots, is gentle and reflective. The violin is the perfect instrument to express its sensitivity and beauty. The organ accompaniment borrows from […]
7' 00"
Variations on “Adoro te devote” is organ music appropriate for worship, especially as a Prelude or during Eucharist. The melody is always present being accompanied by a variety of harmonies and styles of music. It culminates with a fugue in which the melody appears in segments in the pedal. It is possible to select from […]
Dale Ramsey’s Prelude for Organ is a quiet, melodic piece for the Oboe stop on the organ. Intended as a prelude piece for a wedding, it works well as a prelude for general worship, or any time a brief, quiet piece is appropriate.
for baritone (voice), trumpet in C, and Organ
7' 15"
A dramatic, contemporary setting of the Biblical passage “The Trumpet Shall Sound”, which was also used in Handel’s “Messiah”. The baritone and trumpet dialog throughout with the organ underpinning and expanding the harmonic structure. The trumpet begins and ends using a straight mute, but plays open in middle portions. It is appropriate for memorial services, […]
7' 00"
An organ “Fantasy” based on the hymntune Crucifer, which is used with the popular hymn “Lift High the Cross”. This seven-minute work was the first prize winner of an international competition celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Greater Kansas City Area Chapter of the American Guild of Organists, and was premiered by organist Chelsea Chen […]
Violin and Organ
These pieces for violin and organ are based on folk melodies that are commonly used in contemporary hymnbooks. As such, they are individually useful for worship services. As a group they work quite well for recitals or study purposes. Protestant congregations will most likely be familiar with some of the melodies — some perhaps even […]
4' 40"
This piece was composed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Kentucky Harmony by Ananias Davisson in 1816. It was the first Southern shape-note collection of hymn tunes, leading to later collections of folk hymnody such as The Sacred Harp and Southern Harmony, all part of a significant chapter of the history of […]
Variations on the traditional Byzantine chant melody of Christos anesti (Christ is risen), the hymn sung throughout the Paschal season in Orthodox churches. The theme in the final section is the alleluia melody from the hymn Osi is Christon (Those who have been baptized in Christ).
Six short contapuntal pieces in the spirit of works from the Baroque era that could be inserted between verses of a chorale or that substituted for sections of sung liturgical texts. These, however, are not derived from existing melodies.  Tempos are suggested, but other details, such as dynamics, articulation, and registration, are left to the […]
A grand, stately processional, perfect for a formal wedding or a festive occasion or concert. Based on a nine-tone scale, it has a modern quality, but without harshness. The piece is sectional in nature, making it easily adjustable to a specific wedding party and space. The piece is also available in an Organ and Brass […]
2' 25"
Organ Voluntary on an Ancient Hymn tune from Medieval times, often associated with Festival Celebrations in Christian Churches. The tune is also known as “Deo Gratias”. It is most often associated with the hymn “O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High”. This dramatic piece works perfectly as a prelude to a worship service in […]
3' 45"
“Festival Flourish” is an adventurous fantasy piece on the well-loved hymntune, “Union Seminary” which is commonly associated with the words “Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether”. The music is appropriate for Festival Sunday Worship or Concert. The middle section, which directly quotes the melody, can be used as an introduction to the hymn before singing.
for Pipe Organ
4' 00"
A lively French-styled Toccata for Organ, suitable for sacred service or concert hall.
This group of “character” pieces are not profound, intellectual, historic, serious or sacred. Rather, they are light-hearted, brief, clever perhaps, even cheerful secular works. Still, they are written in a modern style and are pieces that informed music lovers should find entertaining. The titles suggest various “conversations” one might have with others: A Pronouncement, A […]
“Madrid” is a traditional Spanish melody that is most often associated with the hymn “Come Christians Join to Sing”. It is found in most protestant hymn books, and is sung regularly in many “Mainline” churches. The complete set of variations is one that will find many uses in worship services as a longer prelude or […]
3' 50"
This short prelude was written as a processional to precede a festive arrangement of the ancient cherubic hymn, “Let all mortal flesh keep silence”, which received its first performance at Berlin Cathedral on November 29th 2017. This was commissioned to mark the 25th anniversary of John F Kennedy School’s annual Advent services, in collaboration with […]
for organ
A moto perpetuo toccata in memory of a brilliant young organist who left us much too soon.
for Organ and Brass Quintet
This Processional was used four times in weddings of the composer’s family. It is also available in an organ only version. Being sectionalized, it is easily abbreviated to fit a particular time frame for a particular wedding party and sanctuary space. This is not a traditional wedding march, but unique and different, should such be […]
for Organ and trumpet in C
6' 15"
Based on the hymn tune, “National City”, this is a festive Easter work for trumpet and organ, appropriate as a prelude for festival Sundays or concert settings. The tune was written by Dr. Lawrence Schreiber, who was organist and minister of music for the National City Christian Church in Washington D. C. for 40 years. […]
for Pipe Organ
A quiet, reflective meditation on the well-known and loved Twenty-third Psalm. Suitable for worship during communion, as a quiet prelude, or for funeral services.
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