Composer Inquiry

Swirly Music is not intended for amateur composers, but for professionals who are actively pursuing performance opportunities and generating a demand for their work.  We do what we can to promote this site as a resource for repertoire, but promotion and marketing of your work is your job as a self-publishing composer. We are here to make the mechanics of selling your work easier.

You may have questions, concerns or reservations about pursuing a presence on Swirly Music as distribution platform for your music.  We encourage you to feel free to contact us so we can address your individual situation and help you decide.  Feel free to write to [email protected] with any preliminary questions.

To get started, please complete the brief form below, letting us know of your interest in joining Swirly Music. We will respond right away with information about the next steps.

Prior to inclusion in our store, your scores are subject to light review for quality assurance purposes. While we welcome all styles, and your score will not be scrutinized for aesthetics, taste, style or “market-worthiness”, we do expect a level of competence, experience and professionalism. This includes the quality of the engraving as well as covers and front matter.

With that in mind, please also attach a sample score that is as complete as possible, including cover and any front matter if they exist.   (Don’t worry for now if you have not thought of covers.)  If your work does not meet our quality standards as far as presentation, we’ll advise you as to what needs to be fixed.  We also provide editorial services and will provide an estimate for that upon request.

Ultimately, you will be given access to our internal system where you can submit up to three scores at no charge.  There is more information about adding additional scores on the How It Works page.

We hope you will get in touch and look forward to hearing from you!