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Superior Presentation

Showcase your work. Each piece is presented as a full-scale digital one-sheet, complete with embedded media and a full-screen perusal score.

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Printing by Music Pros

Orders are fulfilled by professional musicians with years of expertise in on-demand, high-quality printing as well as the very specific needs of composers.

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Strength in Numbers

Your scores are among those of your colleagues, increasing the chances of your music being discovered. We all benefit from each other’s marketing efforts.

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The video demonstrates how Swirly Music makes a priority of presenting your music in the most thorough and convincing way.  The shopper has the ability to view your entire score in a beautiful full-screen view while listening to performance audio and/or video

  • Full-screen perusal score
  • Embedded audio/video
  • Cross linking with similar products
  • Printing by music professionals
  • 50% of net sales to composers
  • Non-profit

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