Composer Jeffrey Bernstein

Composer Jeffrey Bernstein

Jeffrey Bernstein is a California-based composer, conductor, pianist and educator. He is founding director of the Pasadena Master Chorale and artistic director of the Los Angeles Daiku and was for eleven years director of choral music at Occidental College. Bernstein holds music degrees from Harvard, Yale and UCLA. He has led choirs on fourteen tours of four continents and traveled extensively as a guest conductor, directing choirs and orchestras in Europe, Japan and throughout the United States.

Recently premiered works include Dreams of Japan with the Tokushima Symphony, Fukushima Requiem with the Los Angeles Daiku Orchestra, and The Human Journey and 21st Century 23rd Psalm, both commissioned and premiered by the L.A. Choral Lab.

Bernstein performs solo concerts of improvised piano music has released three piano albums: PianoJournals (2012), Clear Mind Calm Water (2015) and The Desert House (2015). A committed educator and strong advocate for children, Bernstein is the songwriter for the PBS Kids animated series “Let’s Go Luna”, and he teaches at the Pasadena Waldorf School.

Choral Music

  • Sakura

    For Mixed Choir and Piano (2'45")


  • Await Light

    For Mixed Choir and Piano (4'25")


  • 21st Century 23rd Psalm

    for mixed choir and piano (3'50")


  • Elegy On The Death Of…

    For Mixed Choir (1'30")


  • Pablo Neruda In Love

    For Mixed Choir and Piano (7'24")


  • The Human Journey

    for SATB divided choir, piano, cello and timpani (12')


  • Silent Night

    For Mixed Choir (2'37'')


  • O Holy Night

    For Mixed Choir and Piano (4'49'')


  • Be Thou My Vision

    For Mixed Choir (2')


  • Loch Lomond

    For Mixed Choir A Cappella (4')


  • Tonight I Can Write

    For Mixed Choir (5')


  • Twilight Of The Year

    For SAB Choir and Piano (3'')


  • Kojo No Tsuki

    For Mixed Choir and Piano


  • Hamabe No Uta

    For Mixed Choir and Piano (2'30'')


  • Shenandoah

    For Mixed Choir and Piano (2:55)


  • The Echoing Green

    For Three-Part Treble Choir (3' 08")


  • O Waly Waly

    For Mixed Chorus And Piano (3:30)


  • The Elm At The Crossroads

    for Mixed Choir a Cappella (4' 52")


  • Wayfarin' Stranger

    for men's chorus a cappella (3'00")


  • California (equal voice version)

    for 2-part chorus of equal voices and piano (3:00)


  • The Garden of Love

    for mixed choir and piano (5:00)


  • Chamber Music

    Solo Voice