Composer Dale E. Ramsey

Composer Dale E. Ramsey

Composer Dale Ramsey

Mr. Ramsey is composer of a variety of music including solo keyboard examples, accompanied works for solo flute, voice, violin, trumpet and others. Ensemble pieces include a string quartet, brass quintet, choral works accompanied by organ and a cappella. Large scale works include a Requiem and a fully staged three-act opera. A goodly number of these works are available for purchase here at Swirly Music.

Mr. Ramsey lives in Kansas City, Missouri where he has been an active musician since 1994. An organist, he has played for local churches as organist and associate organist. Two of his pieces have been performed in the remarkable Kaufman Center for Performing Arts on the large Casavant Organ in Helzberg Hall. His “Sortie” was the first local composer to be performed on that organ. His “Fantasia on Crucifer” was a contest winner in the local American Guild of Organist competition. It was premiered by Chelsea Chen at the Kaufman Center.

Many of Mr. Ramsey’s works are very approachable from both a listener and performer perspective. The range of demands covers the ground up to major works and major efforts for performers. His “Conversations for Organ” was performed extensively in the USA and Canada by the highly regarded concert organist Jan Kraybill. His String Quartet is acknowledged as an adventurous and appealing work. The “Requiem” has had full performances with orchestra, and his “Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis” and been performed, literally, from coast to coast.

Now in retirement, Mr. Ramsey continues composing, transcribing and arranging primarily in the church music arena. He lives with his wife, Marcia, in the Brookside area of Kansas City, Missouri.

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