Boring Business Stuff

Since Swirly Music will be paying you commission fees, it is necessary to have your social security number on file in case it is necessary to generate a 1099 form for a given year.   This will happen if your income from Swirly Music exceeds $600.

Our preferred means of making your commission payments would be to do so directly to your bank account via an ACH transfer.  This necessitates having your bank’s routing number and your account number on file as well.

The most secure way to accomplish both of these things is by very low-tech means.  Please download the two forms listed below, and return them either by snail mail or by scanning them and emailing to [email protected]

Snail Mail Address

Swirly Music
4686 Edgewood Avenue
Oakland, CA 94602

(Hint: Just take pictures of the filled-out forms with your phone and email them!)