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A Cappella

1.  CAROLINE MALLONÉE “I Saw a Peacock” (excerpt) – 3’23”

2.  RICH CAMPBELL “If Ever There Is” (excerpt) – 3’01”
ACDA Southern Division Directors’ Chorus 2014

3.  MARK TEMPLETON, “Abun D’Bash’Maiyo” (excerpt) – 2’24”
Matthew Curtis

4.  ALEXIS RENÉE FORD, “Gorgeous Blue Eyes” – 3’44″
Vox Populi

5.  SANFORD DOLE, “Hodie Christus Natus Est” – 2’34″
Pacific Mozart Ensemble

6.  MARK TEMPLETON, “Odi et Amo” – 1’32″
Matthew Curtis

7.  PATRICK O’SHEA, “Nocte fletuum angelis” (excerpt) – 2’45″
The Singers – Minnesota Choral Artists

8.  KURT ERICKSON, “May the Lord Bless and Keep You”- 2’14″
Scola Cantorum San Francisco

9.  MARK GROWDEN, “As the River Runs” – 3’08″
Matthew Curtis

10. MICHAEL KAULKIN, “Roll the Tide” (excerpt) – 1’44”
The Sanford Dole Ensemble

11. MARK GROWDEN, “Stillness” – 2’50″
Calling All Choir

12. SANFORD DOLE, “Gloria” – 3’22”
Bay Choral Guild

13.  ALEXIS RENEE FORD, “Christus Factus Est” (excerpt) – 3’01”
Christ Church of New Haven

14. MICHAEL KAULKIN, “Ducks in the Garden” – 1’51″
San Francisco Choral Artists

With Piano

15. WILLIAM CAMPBELL, “Benediction” (excerpt) – 2’44″
St. Ambrose University Chorale

16. RICH CAMPBELL, “If I Can Sing, I Still Am Free” (excerpt) – 3’09”

17. WILLIAM CAMPBELL, “Deep Peace To You” (excerpt)- 2’40″
St. Ambrose University Chorale

18. MADELYN BYRNE, “Rain Has Fallen” (excerpt) – 3’03”
Palomar College Chamber Singers

19. MADELYN BYRNE, “Winds of May” – 3’03”
Palomar College Chamber Singers

With Other Instruments

20. GORDON THORNETT, Gloria in D (excerpt) – 1’06″
SATB + Organ, Brass and Timpani (piano/organ-only version available)
Bel Canto Chorus, Milwaukee

21. PATRICK O’SHEA, “Dispietata Pietate” – 2’53″
SATB + violin
St. Mary’s University Chamber Singers

22. MICHAEL KAULKIN, from Cycle of Friends:
“My Old Friend Prepared a Chicken With Millet” (excerpt) – 2’07″
Cycle of Friends is for SATB, soprano solo and chamber orchestra
The Music Group of Philadelphia

23. GORDON THORNETT, “Star of the East” – 2’36″
British Symphony Chorus

24. DALE RAMSEY, Requiem: “Kyrie” – 2’54″
SATB + Orchestra
Country Club Christian Church, Kansas City

25. DALE RAMSEY, Requiem: “Offertory” (excerpt) – 2’31″
SATB + Orchestra
Country Club Christian Church, Kansas City

Women’s and Children’s Voices

26.  MARK TEMPLETON, “The Kerry Dance” from Four Irish Ballads  –  1’10”
for SSAA chorus, Piccolo/Flute, & Harp/Piano

27.  KURT ERICKSON, “O Magnum Mysterium” – 3’43″
San Francisco Girls Chorus

28.  CAROLINE MALLONÉE, “Like a Bird” – 3’24”
Vox Caeciliae

29.  GORDON THORNETT, “Christmastime in the Eyes of a Child” (excerpt) – 1’32″
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