ACDA Audio File Upload

Please use this form to supply Swirly Music with audio files of your pieces. These will be available “offline” in our ACDA booth via at least one iPad that will be on hand for visitors wishing to listen.

Any pieces that were on our sampler CD from ACDA 2015 do not need to be sent.  I have them already.  You can check the CD contents here.

ZIP Files, Please

If it’s not too much trouble, what would be most efficient would be one ZIP file containing all of your pieces.  On a Mac, create Finder folder and place in it the audio files you want to send. Then, close the folder and right-click on it to expose the context menu.  You’ll see “Compress [your folder]”.  Select that and then use the resulting to send using this form.  I’m sure it’s similar or equally simple on Windows, but I don’t know in detail what the steps are.

If this is a problem, then you can send the files separately. You can include multiple files on this form via drag-and-drop from a folder on your computer.

  • If the audio file is not on your computer, but out on the web somewhere, paste the complete URL (web address) of the audio file you wish to use.