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KRK-001 Crime-of-Passion-Piano-Solo
Catalogue #:KRK-001
Duration:Approx. 2'30"
Composer Crime of Passion (Theme from PRESTON TYLK)
...Kuenne has constructed a marvelous score that jumps in to accent the natural tone of a scene to perfection.

— From the DVDVerdict.com review of "Preston Tylk"

Kurt Kuenne

Crime of Passion (Theme from PRESTON TYLK)

for solo piano

“Crime of Passion” is the main theme of the score Kurt Kuenne composed for his friend Jon Bokenkamp’s feature directorial debut Preston Tylk in the late summer of 1999; it received the Dale Melbourne Herklotz Award for Best Score at the 2000 Marco Island Film Festival. In 2016, this solo piano arrangement was featured on Mr. Bokenkamp’s hit NBC television show “The Blacklist” starring James Spader, and was performed by guest star Brian Dennehy in Episode 20 of Season 3, “The Artax Network”.