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BMY-001 Bear McCreary Europa Report
Catalogue #:BMY-001
Composer Theme for EUROPA REPORT
Bear McCreary


for solo piano

With the search for life beyond our own planet having become the driving inspiration for most modern space exploration, the producers of the science fiction film EUROPA REPORT have envisioned a story that is heavy on science and rooted in plausibility. Through digital audiovisual records transmitted to Earth from the spaceship Europa-1, the film documents the voyage of a privately funded mission to search for life on the Jovian moon.

EUROPA REPORT’s main theme is first heard from solo piano, a sublime and passionate melody, it reflects the excitement of the crew toward their mission and, in its most profound moment, reflects the crew’s elation that they have made it to their destination. Bear McCreary arranged his theme into a serene solo piano performance (played on the soundtrack by the composer) which is heard in the film as source music from the speakers in Europa-1’s crew quarters during the two-year-plus flight to Jupiter.