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Roll the Tide for SATB Chorus

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To Christ, the Prince of Peace

for mixed choir and organ

A setting of Edward Caswall’s translation of the Latin office hymn Summi parentis filio, suitable for the feasts of the Sacred Heart and Christ the King, as well as general use.

$1.95$35.00 Dur. 3' 35"


Gloria in D

for Soprano Solo, Mixed Choir, Organ, Brass and Timpani

Gloria in D was premièred in December 2014 by the Bel Canto Chorus, Milwaukee in their ‘Christmas in the Basilica’ concerts.  It is written for a large chorus, soprano soloist, brass ensemble, consisting of three...

$8.00$75.00 Dur. 10' 15" approx


Ave Maria

for SATB chorus a cappella

Sanford Dole’s Ave Maria is a harmonized setting of the Gregorian chant antiphon. The soprano part is a metrical version of the Gregorian chant melody. The other parts create a harmonic world that is uniquely Dole’s;...

$1.50 Dur. 1'40"


My Eyes for Beauty Pine

for unaccompanied mixed choir

A harmonious setting of Robert Bridges’ lovely poem for unaccompanied choir, suitable for general use or a meditation after communion

$1.95$35.00 Dur. 2' 05"


Hodie Christus Natus Est

for a cappella SATB choir

A very rhythmic drive characterizes this exuberant setting of the traditional Christmas text, “Christ is born today” set in Latin. Choirs love to sing the jazzy rhythms and harmonies that require care in tuning, but...

$1.95 Dur. 2'30"


From Your Nativity

for mixed chorus a cappella

The Troparion of Christmas from the Byzantine liturgy contemplates how the Star of Bethlehem led the star-worshiping Magi to worship Christ, the true Sun of Righteousness.

$1.95$45.00 Dur. 2' 25"


Christmas Candles

for SATB Choir (with optional children's part)

This light-hearted holiday song was commissioned by a local community chorus, one of whose members wrote the words. I was asked to include a part for children’s choir, and I understand everyone enjoyed taking part....

$2.25$45.00 Dur. 4' 50" approx.


God Who Touches Earth with Beauty

Mixed Chorus and Organ

This anthem is a setting of an early 20th Century hymn text. It utilizes metaphors in nature to describe a life of good character and is suitable for worship. It is free of gender specific...

$1.95$45.00 Dur. approx. 3' 15"


Panis angelicus

Mixed voices a cappella

This lovely setting of St Thomas Aquinas’s famous Corpus Christi text will be useful all year round for church choirs which like to perform unaccompanied motets during the administration of Holy Communion. With its independently...

$1.80$35.00 Dur. 1' 41"


Invitation to a Voyage

SSATBB Choir a cappella

This setting of Charles Baudelaire’s iconic poem captures the “luxury” and “voluptuousness” of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s radiant translation. The six-part texture allows for thick, evocative chords in Dole’s jazz-influenced harmonic world. Slowly evolving chord...

$4.95 Dur. approx. 7'


A Hymn to God the Father

for mixed chorus and organ

A setting of John Donne’s poem of repentance, redemption, and trust in God’s mercy, especially suitable for the Lenten season.

$1.95$45.00 Dur. 3' 20"


Noah’s Dove

SATB with Divisi

Based on a traditional text and a melody I learned from Skate Stone, which he learned from James Harding, which he learned from an unknown source.

$1.95$45.00 Dur. 3'00" approx.


Advent Preludes

SATB Choir

Based on traditional hymns and chants, these three brief anthems present the seasonal texts in a new and compelling way. “Savior of the nations, come!” and “Creator of the stars of night” are easy and...

$1.95 Dur. 3 short anthems; 1'45", 1'30", 2'30"


Among The Trees

Three songs for SATB Choir and piano

Among The Trees  The Clearing Rests In Song and Shade I Go Among the Trees and Sit Still All the Earth Shall Sing (The dark around us, come) Three Songs for SATB Choir & Piano...

$7.95 Dur. approx. 14'00"


My Soul, Give Praise to the Lord

for mixed choir and organ

Dedicated to a couple that devoted themselves to their church’s music program throughout their lives, this text, taken from Psalm 146, expresses the heart of a church musician.

$1.95$45.00 Dur. 2' 15"



Deep Peace to You

SATB and piano

Deep peace of the running wave to you.Deep peace of the flowing air to you.Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.Deep peace of the shining stars to you.Deep peace of the Son of Peace...

$1.75$45.00 Dur. 4'10"


Lord, I Want To Be A Christian

For SATB a cappella choir

This Spiritual strikes to the very heart of an enslaved people, fervently longing for freedom. The melody is quite simple, and is embellished with a layer of pathos, and yearning that is impossible to resist, or...

$1.50$40.00 Dur. 3' 15"


Our World

for SATB chorus and piano

An uplifting, secular piece about our planet’s place in the universe. Its energy and relatively low difficulty level make this 3-minute piece something to consider for a high school or community group. You and I...

$2.50$45.00 Dur. approx. 3'3"


Cantemus in omni die

for SATB choir and optional Soprano solo

“Cantemus in omni die” is a setting of a hymn to the Virgin Mary written by Cú Chuimne Sapiens, an Irish monk active at Iona by the early 8th century (died 747).  It is the...

$8.95 Dur. 7' 20"



SSA chorus

Composed for the Bodø (Norway) Damekor.

$1.95$45.00 Dur. 2' 40"



Winds of May

Mixed Chorus and Piano

“Winds of May” took First Place in the Morningside College Choral Competition. It is one of two settings by Madelyn Byrne of poems from James Joyce’s Chamber Music. The other setting, “Rain Has Fallen“, is...

$1.95$45.00 Dur. 3'00"


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